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Welcome to our site!!

Neil is 25 years old and was born in Brooklyn NY.  He moved to Atlanta in 1997 with his family to enjoy a more opportunistic lifestyle.  He graduated college in December 2005 from North Georgia College and State University with a major in Business Management all while working for Real Estate Mortgage Network as an Sr. IT Systems Administrator.  For now, Neil is concentrating on enhancing his career and enjoying his time away from school.

Alisha is 24 years old and was born and raised in both Pittsburg PA and West Palm Beach FL.  She graduated from North Georgia College and State University in the Spring of 2008 with a degree in Business Marketing.   Alisha currently works as a nanny for a little boy named Ryan and strives to make life interesting and exciting for him while eagerly awaiting starting a family of her own. 

Neil and Alisha have been together for six years and got engaged in May of 2005.  In February of 2006 they tied the knot and left for their amazing honeymoon.  Shortly after, they purchased their 2nd home on August 19th 2006 in Cumming Georgia.  They own a pit bull named Envy that has had an positive effect on many people with her kind heart and loving personality.  Although most were scared of her at first, everyone that has met her has changed their mind about the stereotype of the pit bull.  Like a child, Envy is an important member of their family.

Neil and Alisha Natic