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andrea |
so, with it being your 4th Anniversary and all I was thinking maybe you could update your main page. what do you think?? lol!!
February 4 20101629 - dvegas apparently

This little web site is so stinkin cute! I never knew you guys had this. I have spent the past hour looking at pictures and reading all different blogs. I kind of feel like a Neil/Alisha stalker right now, I have been on here so long. :) j/k Love you guys and love the web site!
March 10 20090958

I have actually surfed the whole blog.I am so impressed with the person you have grown to be. From humble beginings (I was there and yes it was humble) to where you are today.such a loving and kind person. I luv the way you proposed, and how you show your luv for Alisha, it comes through the fiber optics (LOL) Good Job Billy & Ileen, one down, four to go!
October 18 20081134

Heleen Cooper-Furio |
Luv the site!!! This time I bookmarked it. Wishing Alisha a happy healthy preg.looking forward to updates. Hugs!!!
October 18 20081127

andrea |
alright, i did finally find it, you really have to go digging for the comments on the picture. you have to roll your mouse over the picture, then click on the "info" icon, and then click on "show comment". too much work, really!
August 12 20082233 - still here

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