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  • July 2007
    • Alisha's family moves to Georgia!!!


  • July 28th 2007
    • AnnaMarie's 1st Birthday party!


  • April 2007
    • Alisha's family comes for a visit again and decides for sure that they will be moving to Georgia.  They began looking at houses and getting an idea of where they wanted to live.


  • February 4th 2007
    • For our real anniversary, we went to Kevin and Ashley's house to watch the Super Bowl!  Alisha dressed up in her homemade colts jersey and made cookies with Aubree.


  • February 3rd 2007
    • We celebrated our 1 year anniversary by going back to Capital Grille - the same restaurant we went the night that we got engaged.


  • January 2006
    • Alisha's family came to visit from Florida and began thinking about moving to Georgia.


  • December 24th 2006
    • We hosted Christmas Eve at our new home!


  • September 2006
    • Alisha's mom came to visit and we had a great time together.  She helped us make our home more homey with the purchase of some decorations, and most of all, our dining room table!!


  • July 27th 2006
    • We became Godparents to Neil's cousin AnnaMarie.


  • August 19th 2006
    • We Rounded up the family and friends to help us get settled in our new home.  Because of the turnout, we were able to move everything in less than 4 hours from start to finish.  Thanks to the family and friends that came by to lend a hand.  We could not have done it without you!!
      Be sure to check out the photo gallery for pictures!



  • August 15th 2006
    • We closed on our new house in Cumming GA!!  It is a 2 story (almost) 2500 square foot house in the metro Atlanta area.  Because we agreed that our next move would be the house we have always wanted together, we decided to make sure it was optioned out to suit our wants and needs.  We decided to do granite countertops, wrought iron stair cases, hardwood floors, tile where possible, and lots of trim.  Although our house will be a little bare, we are thrilled about moving in.  Because we have not had this much room before, filling this house will take some time.  We are supposed to be hosting Christmas this year, so everyone be ready to bring some Neil Natic approved furniture!  For those that are unfamiliar with this grade of furniture ask around.  Be sure to check out the photo gallery for pictures!


  • May 1st 2006
    • Our tenant moves in!  After a month of nerve- racking searching, we found a renter to move into our lovely townhouse which we lived in for two years.  It was our first home together and we really enjoyed it but we realized that we wanted some more space and less stairs.  This brings us one step closer to being able to close on our new home that we have been dreaming about.


  • April 8th 2006
    • Back to the rents we go!  We found a renter and need to move out to prepare the townhouse for move in.  We have three weeks to get it in tip top shape, and there is plenty of work to be done. 


  • February 7th 2006 - February 14th 2006
    • Our honeymoon to the Atlantis in the Bahamas!  After our amazing wedding we were ready to take to the skies and head to Atlantis.  Needless to say, this was a completely breathtaking experience.  Although it sounds like a complete paradise, it did not go so smooth the whole time.  We woke up in the morning to head to the airport, only to find out that the AirTran employee booked our flight for the wrong day.  We argued with more AirTran employees than I can count all the way to the airport and even some more when we got to the check in counter.  When we got that all squared away, we flew out to the beautiful Bahamas...there was only one catch... it was the wrong island!!!  we soon realized that we would need to spend $300 on two round trip tickets to Nassau as we were in Freeport.  As we go out to our plane, we realize that we were about to board 10 passenger planes that had an open cockpit!  Once we landed, the experience was completely different.  We had night after night amazing and romantic dinners, fabulous breakfasts, and breathtaking resorts.  The Atlantis resort is like nothing I ever imagined.  We got to swim with dolphins, enjoy the pools and beaches, travel through the thousands and thousands of gallons of indoor aquariums, and lagoons filled with sharks and other amazing animals.  All the fun had to come to an end 7 days later.  On the way home, the Bohemian airline lost Neil's luggage.  The bag ended up on a ship in-between two islands in the Bahamas; none of which we visited!  Three days later, we received our bag and were able to laugh about it.  That was a vacation that we will never forget! Be sure to check out the photo gallery for pictures!


  • February 4th 2006
    • We got married!  On 02.04.06 we got married at Glendalough Manor in the metro Atlanta area.  We decided on this date because we wanted a time of year where we would not be hot and a date that was memorable (so Neil has no excuse to forget his anniversary).  We found that this fit both roles and was perfect!  Our theme was black and white attire with bright colored flowers and decorations.  We had around 100 guests in total which worked out well with our beautiful venue.  Our rehearsal dinner was hosted at a local Italian restaurant called Maggianos.  The food was amazing!!  After our rehearsal, we were both a little nervous because we could not get through our vows without laughing.  Fortunately, we pulled it all together for the ceremony.  Be sure to check out the photo gallery for pictures!


  • December 17th 2005
    • Neil graduated college from NGCSU with a major in Business Management.  He was so tired of school that he was willing to skip his ceremony to just be done with it all, but was talked into it as it is a lifetime achievement.  Between work and school, it took a toll on him mentally as well as physically and he is thrilled to have it behind him.  Now Alisha thinks that he will be writing her papers for her, but she is very wrong.  Poor thing.


  • May 6th 2005
    • We got engaged!  As explained by Alisha...About a week in advance Neil had made plans for us to go out to a nice dinner to "celebrate school ending for the summer" or so he said. Then on Friday May 6th while I was at work Neil had my favorite flowers delivered to me, they were a perfect mixture of Gerber Daisies and Tulips in a beautiful vase. The card that was attached to the flowers read "To a fun and exciting night! I love you!" It was soo sweet and thoughtful.
      That night when it was time to leave for dinner, Neil called me down stairs and when I opened the front door there was a black stretch limo waiting outside!  As I climbed in the limo I noticed a Coach bag sitting on the seat and our favorite wine chilling in the ice bucket. Neil sat down next to me and looked at me with a smile as a mix CD that he had made Just for our special night began to play.  The mood could not have been better!
      Neil handed me the Coach bag and told me to open it, Inside was a beautiful purse that both Neil and I were in love with when we saw it in the store. As I looked inside the purse...I saw an elegant jewelry box but when I opened it, it was empty! I looked over at Neil with confusion and excitement in my eyes and just then he got down on one knee in the limo with my gorgeous ring in hand, and asked me to marry him!!  I was speechless!!  With tears in both of our eyes I said "YES" as he put the ring on my finger. Our ride continued to Capital Grill in Buckhead which is an amazing restaurant at the top of a high-rise building with the most amazing view!!