Preston is 3 MONTHS Old Already!

March 16th, 2010 2 comments

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3 Months! Wow, I know I say it every time but TIME FLIES!!  Preston is growing so fast and changing so much!

That's right.... the Heisman already!

He smiles all the time now and is really trying hard to get a good belly laugh out! He giggles but not a full laugh yet!  He is “talking” up a storm! He will talk and talk to you like he has so much to say, it is the cutest thing!  He loves sticking out is tongue and is now doing it in a very KISS sort of fashion! He is also fond of blowing bubbles!   In the last month he has learned to grasp things in his fist and put them in his mouth! This is usually his burp cloth and it is so cute!! He is grabbing everything! Including my hair!! He loves to have his hands held and be pulled from a laying down position to standing!! He loves to stand!  He also loves to kick, kick, kick in his bath which still remains his FAVORITE time of day! No matter what is mood he just melts into his bath and enjoys every second of it! (even when he poops/pees in it) ugh! 

Speaking of baths, I came to find out that the baby wash we had been using on our son for almost 3 months was not good for him at all!! We were using Mustela wash and lotion and I just decided to read the bottle one day. Well, I should have done it much sooner!  Mustela is full of about 5 different parabens!  Parabens can  mimic/mess with your hormones and one in particular, butylparaben can adversely affect testosterone and the function of the male reproductive system when newborn males are exposed to it, and needless to say this said paraben was in his wash!! Ugh!! Nice right!?! Well, Preston is now on Berts Bees products and we feel comfortable that these are safe for him!

Preston has “found” his head! By that I mean that his new favorite thing to do is the Heisman! Stretches one arm out (usually his right) and places the other on the back of his head and rubs away! Such a man, he loves to have his head rubbed so much he now does it himself!

Our little guy loves to be held!! His alone time does not last very long and he still hates tummy time! I don’t think this boy is ever going to learn to roll over unless he manages to do it in our arms!

I put him in the Bumbo yesterday and he did pretty well.  He had a smile on his face and a drunkin bobbling head once in a while but he seemed to like it.  His head control continues to be great!  He also started joining us for dinner in his chair.  This of course does not last long as he prefers to be held!

Preston is sleeping very well at night still and actually slept 10 hours on Sunday night!!!  He seems to sleep a lot during the day, but, I think this boy just loves his sleep!  He also slept in his crib for the first time on Friday for a 3 hour nap!! I think he loved it!  I have gotten him used to sleeping with a loud fan on since I myself have to have said fan at night to sleep…Neil hates this! Ha So needless to say we have to get little guy his own fan for his room since the noise machine I got him is not loud enough. Sorry babe!

I took Preston for his first car wash today. Yeah, let’s just say it’s not his favorite!!  His eyes got larger than I have ever seen them and then he proceeded to cry a very hard cry until my mom took him out of his seat! When the wash was over I took him and bopped him around outside before getting back in the car.  Well, needless to say he screamed to our next destination where I had to feed him and walk him around outside until he passed out in order to get him back in his seat!  I think he is scared of his car seat now!!!  Poor little guy!

Preston had his 2 Month doctor appointment on Wednesday  March 10th (6 days shy of 3 months).  He was 12lbs 3.5oz (33%), 23 3/4in long (49%), and head 16in (41%). He’s still a little guy! He had to get 2 shots and the mean doctor that we will not be seeing ever again hurt his little wee wee!! L  He is now in size 2 diapers, I think more because we ran out of 1s haha but they work.

 Our baby boy just keeps growing and growing and we are loving every second of it!!!

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Our Surprise Trip to Pennsylvania and Preston’s First Flight!

February 24th, 2010 4 comments

Check out our photo gallery to see pictures of Preston’s Trip to PA or click here.


My cousin Denae was having her bridal shower and my Mom and Kara were planning to fly up so they could attend.  I was going back and forth on whether or not to go due to Preston being so young. I talked to his Pediatrician and I was given the okay so I figured it would be alright to go. 

I decided that since my Grandparents had not yet met their Great Grandson I would surprise them by “just showing up”.  I also wanted to surprise my Denae as she did not think I would be coming either.  But, for some reason I thought she found out about it so the surprise was less than enthusiastic. Sorry again Denae!

Our flight left at 8:30am on Saturday..ugh!! I got up at 4am to get ready and finish packing up the last minute things.  Preston slept for his usual 6 or so hours and gave me plenty of time to get dressed and ready while he slept.  When he woke up I nursed him and passed him off to my Mom so I could finish packing and she could dress him. Lin was kind enough to take us to the airport, so off we went, making sure to stop by D&D on the way of course!

When we got to the airport I put Preston in the Moby Wrap and off we went (man did that make things so much easier) we managed to breeze thought the airport only having to stop at security for them to check P’s medications and then  we were off.  We got to the gate with time to change P’s diaper and then be the first to board.  We found our seats and shortly after the flight attendant brought Preston his fist pair or wings!!  I got comfy and nursed Preston and off to sleep he went! He slept most of the flight waking up about 20 minutes before we landed and he was in a great mood! I let him lay out on the tray table and do his favorite thing, stretch! (only after I sanitized the entire thing)!! Once we landed I put him back in the Moby Wrap and we were off to baggage claim. Kara got us our rental car and we headed towards Greensburg!

We ran into a lot of traffic for no apparent reason and ended up needing to change and get ready at my Aunt and Uncle’s house rather than my Grandparent’s.  This is where Denae came in and stated “I hear a baby”! Preston was fussing while we were getting him dressed.  This should have been my cue that she had no I idea I was coming but I still had no clue so I threw out a “hey” and kept dressing P. Again, SO sorry Denae!!! I am however glad that it was a surprise after all!

After getting dressed we headed to Denunzio’s Restaurant and this is where we surprised Grandma! Check out the video, it was so sweet! She was thrilled and just kept asking how we did it! Needless to say I only saw Preston to nurse him while we were at the shower! He was passed around to many but mostly held by his Great Grandma!

After the shower he headed to my Grandparents house to surprise Pappers!  He was so happy his Great Grandson was there and loved on him all weekend!  Saturday evening I could not help myself and I had to go play in the deep untouched snow in my Grandparents back yard!! I had so much fun! Later that night  we went to Jioio’s for dinner (not sure why everyone loves it so much).  That night P took a bath in Great Grandma’s sink  and then was off to bed about an hour early and slept for a full 8 hours nursed then back down for another 2!!! He was WORN OUT!!

Sunday Grandma made a wonderful breakfast for us and I defiantly ate my fair share! We then headed out so my mom could meet her friends for brunch (she didn’t eat breakfast) and show off her grandson! Preston and I stayed around for a little while then Kara picked us up and we headed to Tasha’s house to see her and Edward. He is growing so fast and is so smart!! We then headed back to my Grandparents house where Angie stopped by and we all headed to Hosses (yum) for an early dinner.

After dinner we were off the airport again and this time with no traffic. I put P in the Moby again and we actually made it to the gate just in time as they decied to board us early. Ugh..bad move! We got our seats and I decided to repeat our ride there since it worked so well. I nursed P but instead of falling asleep this time he pooped! People were still filing onto the plane as some were unaware of the early boarding so the “early” thing was pointless! Anyway, I grabbed Preston and his stuff and headed for the bathroom, I managed to use the bathroom while holding my son and then proceeded to change him.  Everything was going just fine until we were walking out of the bathroom..Preston began to scream a HORRIBLE scream and I could not get him to calm down!! Back in our seats I tried to nurse him, cuddle him, give him is passy, taking off his pants and socks thinking he may be hot, NOTHING worked! I felt horrible for him because it sounded like such a painful cry!! One of two things was all I could think of may be wrong; 1. As we were leaving the bathroom I flushed the toilet, turned off the light (it turns off when you unlock the door) and an announcement came on nice and loud. Maybe this over stimulated him? Or 2. The diaper cream I used on him was burning his precious little bottom!? Well, I had my Mom wipe off the cream as we sat in our seats and tried nursing him again. He nursed a little this time and the crying stopped!! Phew!!  Poor guy!! He slept most of the flight again and was decent when he woke up even though they kept us on the ground when we landed for about 30 minutes waiting for our gate ugh..all with no circulating air!

It was a whirlwind of a weekend but it was so worth it!! I am so happy I got to introduce Preston to his Great Grandparents!! What a precious moment!!  Preston has been recovering from his busy weekend and we spent all of today at home napping and lounging! 

~Alisha Natic~

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Preston is TWO Months Old Already!?!

February 17th, 2010 2 comments

Check out our photo gallery to see pictures of Preston’s two month pictures or click here.

Our Preston Michael (or as we like to call him, Stoney Michael) is now 2 months old!! Really?!?! Time has gone by so fast! It is amazing how much they change in such a short period of time; he is already getting such a personality.

He started smiling and we love it! He is defiantly stingy with them but when you catch one it will brighten your day for sure! He loves to smile at Grandma and does it every morning when he sees her for the first time and she says hello to him.  So sweet!  

Along with his smiles he will often “coo” when he is happy.  He gets wide mouthed and lets out the cutest noises with a squeal here and there, it’s as though he is trying to talk to you. I love it!

Preston is one sassy little boy! As you saw in the video we posted a few weeks ago if you bug him while he is sleeping he will be sure to grunt to show you his disapproval. It is so funny.  He also will just let out screams occasionally when he is unhappy about something, not a cry or a wine, a little sassy scream! Such a sass!

He loves lying on his back on the floor, if you lay him down he will just start stretching away and smiling!  He is defiantly a big stretcher, he loves it! But, unfortunately he does not care for his play mat that we spent a nice amount of money on for him that is supposed to provide endless entertainment.  Nope, he starts to fuss the moment you place him on that expensive mat, ha, he would just rather lay on a plain old blanket.  Typical huh?

He is not rolling over yet but will make it to his side once in a while lying on his back. He is not a big fan of tummy time but will ONLY sleep on his tummy at night.


Preston is such a snuggler! He loves to be held and demands it most of the day.  Not only does he enjoy being held, but,  when you are holding him he will just melt into your arms if you wrap a nice warm blanket around him and place his NUK passy in his mouth (the ONLY passy he will take).  I love snuggling with him! Soon enough he will not want anything to do with being held so I am eating it up right now.

He LOVES his baths! We do bath time every night around 10 or so in a low lit music filled bathroom and he LOVES it! He just melts into his bath letting his arms and legs float all while being totally silent just taking in the moment. It is so cute!  It totally calms him!

Preston is sleeping GREAT!!! After our nightly baths, I nurse him and put him down around 11-11:30 and he sleeps until anywhere between 5 and 6 am!!! That is 6-7 hours! He nurses again and goes back down for about another 2 hours! This is wonderful for me as I am a person who defiantly needs my sleep!

Bath time!

He just discovered his hands last week and will suck on them every now and then. Today he actually got just his thumb in his mouth and it was adorable!

Preston’s tummy is doing MUCH better and we could not be happier about that. He has been to a specialist and is now on Zantac(2x a day), Prevacid(2xa day), Carafate(3x a day), Hycosamine(every 4 hours) , and Mylicon and Maalox when needed.  He is spitting up a lot more these days but that is par for the course with a reflux baby.

Sucking his thumb

I cannot believe he is growing so fast, it is so bitter sweet! We love this little boy so much and could not be happier that our dream has finally come true! We are doing our best to enjoy every moment and we love watching him grow and learn new things along the way! What a joy!!

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Snow in the A-T-L

February 15th, 2010 Comments off

Check out our photo gallery to see pictures of Preston’s shots and chillaxin in the swing or click here.

There was talks all week that we were supposed to get snow here in Atlanta.  Everytime they mention it I roll my eyes and just tune it out.  We have not had snow where it sticks for at LEAST 7 years.  I think it has been even longer. 

At first it was supposed to come on Thursday, then it was Friday morning at 6:00, then at 9:00, then at noon, and finally at 2:00.  Well, they were wrong at elast 4 times before getting it right.  It certainly did snow here in Georgia and it was actually decent.  We ended up with 3.75 inches of snow at our house and the area was just gorgeous!  The snow just kept falling and falling.  Everyone was out with the kids playing in the snow, building snow men, and sledding down the hills in our back yards.  It was great!  We took a few pictures with Preston and then headed out for some more fun in the snow! 

We headed to the neighbors houses to hang out and sled down the hills in their back yard.  It was an absolute BLAST!  Man that brought out the kid in me again!  We went down a ton of times, wiping out time and time again to avoid sledding straight down into the woods and the creek LOL.

Thanks to our awesome neighbors for letting us come play and hanging out with us.  We had a great time!!!

We took a bunch of pictures of our time in the snow.  Be sure to check them out from the link at the top of the post.  Some are just beautiful shots of the neighborhood and others are just haveing a great time!

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First Two Shots and Some Swing Time

February 15th, 2010 Comments off

Check out our photo gallery to see pictures of Preston’s shots and chillaxin in the swing or click here.

Preston had a doctor appointment last week and got his first two shots :(  One in each leg.  Poor little dude!  He apparently

Preston full smile :)

Last week was also the first time he was placed in his swing as well as the first time he watched TV.  I have been against the swing because I don’t want him to get used to the rocking motion all of the time.  This is especially true for when we are out and don’t have the ability to do put him in a swing.  I just don’t want to be in a position where we cannot properly console him when we need to.  When Alisha put him in his swing she was scrolling through the tv when she found that DirecTV was doing a special for a premium babies channel for free for the weekend.  Little Preston seemed to actually watch it and did so for at least 15 minutes or so.  It was so cute.

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Super Bowl!!!!

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Check out our photo gallery to see Super Bowl 2010 pictures or click here.

Last Saturday, Mike and Aubree made plans to come over to make New Orleans Saints shirts for the babies to rock for the game.  Kara, Lin, and Bobby also came by to hang out for the day and do dinner. 

Preston's Reggie Bush shirt

The ladies bought shirts, iron on numbers, and iron on logos for to make some New Orleans Saints gear for Sunday’s game.  They came out really good!  Alisha made Preston a Reggie Bush shirt and Aubree made Kaitlyn a pink Saints shirt.  They were so cute.  Alisha and Aubree also made shirts for themselves to wear to match the babies.

On Sunday we headed up Kevin and Ash’s house to watch the big game and hang out with friends.  Alisha and Aubree were sure to get the babies together to take some cute pictures!  The game was so-so in my opinion, but the commercials and half time show were horrible.  Ill start with the commercials.  What happened to good, funny, commercials?  They were so lame this year!  Then we have the halftime show.  What the heck?!  What happened to Aerosmith with Britney Spears killing it up there?  What happened to mainstream music artists?  What is up with these multiple years of boring classic rock artists from before my time???  If you are going to do that, then throw a modern day artist in there from a different genre to get more people interested!  No one wants to see people nearly break a hip on stage in their old age!

Be sure to click the pictures link above to take a look at the two babies together.  So cute!

Hell of a Breakfast and a Day with the DiRocco’s!

February 7th, 2010 1 comment

Check out our photo gallery to see our family pictures or click here.

Last Sunday morning we went with Kara, Lin, and Alisha’s mom up to The Original Pancake House.  Although this place is a chain, I have only eaten at one once before.  Holy COW is it good!  They try to use healthier ingredients, not to say it is “healthy” in the least.  Their food is just flat out incredible!  I had bacon pancakes, yes bacon pancakes, and holy CRAP are they good!!  I added a side of delicious home fries and Alisha had a waffle and some eggs.  If you have never been to one you have to go.  To my local readers, the only one I know of in the area is on Windward. 

After breakfast we made a quick stop at Babies R Us and then headed off to Ryan and Andrea’s house.  We hung around for a bit and then headed to Andrea’s neighborhood parks to take some pictures outside.  Some of those are in the photo gallery and can be seen by clicking the link above.  It was very sunny (yeah i know…. hard to believe) so many of the shots were of me squinting and ruining the shots LOL. 

Later on, Nathan and Sarah came over with their two lovely children for dinner and to hang out.  It was a great night chilling with the DiRocco’s as always.  It was good so see them again.  Unfortunately their moving habits ;) have us about an hour apart now :( .

Thanks Andrea for taking the pics!

Saturday Fun

February 6th, 2010 Comments off

Last Saturday we had a busy day.  We woke up a little late and scrambled around to head to a neighbor’s child’s birthday party.  We were about 30 minutes or so late, but hey, better late than never right?  We had a good time eating some food and just chilling to celebrate Gabby’s first birthday.

Afterwards, we headed over to Hector and Reagan’s house to hang out with them for a while.  They were busy painting the nursery so we decided to swing by.  While we were there Geni showed up with pizza from Ray’s which hit the spot!  After Hector finished the nursery we just chilled and hung out for a while before heading out to dinner at Marlows Tavern.  We met Ashley, Kevin, Jason, and Amber at the one in Alpharetta for some grub.  I had been to one before in Duluth, but noone else had been to one.  Just like the Duluth location, it was a crammed restaraunt but for a good reason.  They have great food and a nice atmosphere.  We had a great dinner before heading back to the house to relax for the rest of the night.

Friday Night at Gordon Biersch

February 2nd, 2010 Comments off

Friday night we went with Dan, Bobby, and Kara to Gordon Biersch down in Buckhead.  Gordon Biersch is a brewpub / restaurant chain that has a few locations in the Atlanta area.  I had been wanting to try it out for quite some time but my fear of lagers has kept me away.  Well I was wrong.  I should have gone there years ago.

I am a big ale person and love my dark, bold, thick beers.  Since most of the American popular beers are lagers, I have built up a large amount of hate for this type of beer.  I should have opened up sooner.  These beers at Gordon Biersch were quite good!  They are not as heavy or as bold as the stouts that I typically like, but they were still quite tasty smooth and flavorfull.  I am a fan and will be sure to give more lagers a shot when out drinking at Taco Mac or similar bars.  I will certainly look for ales first, but I will not turn my head to the lagers anymore.  Well most of them that is.  I still dont care for the typical American Lager, but the darker more complex styles were good. 

The food there was also very good.  We had some hiccups with our order but they were polite and very quick to resolve them with no questions asked.  The management staff came by to make sure all was corrected as well which was nice.  Without a doubt, I would return to Gordon Biersch.  I really enjoyed it!

I would certainly recommend you give them a shot!  We loved it!

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More Preston Pics

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Check out our photo gallery to see Pictures of Preston or click here.

We uploaded some more pics of Preston for you to browse through.  He is now showing so many more facial expressions and reactions to things!  It is crazy to watch it all happen.

Daddy's Little Boy

He is a great baby!  He sleeps anywhere from 4-6 hours at first at night, then wakes up to eat, and then back down for another few hours.  His little tummy is much better now and he is all in all a happy baby.  The only time he is really fussy is in the morning.  He seems to need to poop in the morning and gets fussy and restless.

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Waking Preston

January 25th, 2010 2 comments

Check out our photo gallery to see Pictures of Waking Preston or click here.

Such a yawn lol

Preston is a total trip!  LOL  If you try to wake him while he sleeps he makes the funniest of noises and resists.  It is so cute and so funny.  Sassy little thing!  The link above has some pics of us waking him up.  The video below is of us getting him to make his little noises.  They are even better when he is completely asleep but he still did it a little bit here.  Make sure you turn your speakers up as the volume isnt very loud. 

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Kaitlyn and Preston Hang Out

January 24th, 2010 Comments off

Check out our photo gallery to see Preston and Kaitlyn’s Playdate or click here.

On Friday Alisha and Preston headed over to Mike and Aubree’s house to hang out for the day.  I met them over there after work to chill and grab dinner with them.  Apparently Kaitlyn loved Preston.  It was cute!

Kaitlyn kissing Preston

We had a great time hanging out with Mike, Aubree, Kaitlyn, and Jessika out in Canton.  Another start to a great weekend!

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Preston’s Tummy Issues Continue

January 23rd, 2010 Comments off

Preston had been doing quite a bit better recently.  He was back to being a happy little boy but we could certainly tell when we were nearing the 4th hour from the last time that he had his medication.  He would get a little fussy and you could tell he was starting to feel pain a little bit.  We called the Dr and they decided to move him from his current prescription of Zantac over to a medicine called Prevacid.  The first night that he got the Prevacid was not a good one.  He began to get fussy and we gave him his first dosage of Prevacid – things went way downhill and unfortunately we had no way to tell if it was the medication he was given, the adjustment that he had earlier, or just pure coincidence.  He was miserable yet again for about 3 hours or more. 

The picture says it all

Thankfully he did well after about midnight and he slept for Alisha.  In the morning we debated giving him the Prevacid but we needed to know what was going on by ruling out some possible causes.  We didn’t know if it was the Prevacid or not, but we decided to keep giving it to him to determine if that was the cause or not.  Fortunately we found that it was not the cause as he had a very good day the next day.  We still to this day dint know the cause and can only say that maybe it is a coincidence.  It just seems to be quite a bit more frequent lately that he is bothered by his little tummy.

Preston is currently taking Zantac (for only a few more days), Prevacid (going forward), gripe water, and hycosamine for his poor little tummy.  It kills me to see him in pain when he is, and makes me wonder what in the heck else could cause all of this…. is it really just acid reflux????  ugh.  All in all he is a good baby and a happy baby… but when he has his miserable times it is heart wrenching.

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Stimulating a Young Mind

January 23rd, 2010 Comments off

So Alisha has been trying to come up with ways to keep Preston awake during the day so that he will sleep at night a little better.  Here are a few pictures of her setting up a few things to play with.


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Birthday Dinner with Great Friends

January 23rd, 2010 Comments off

Last Saturday we made plans to leave the kiddos at home and head out for an adult dinner at Maggianos in Buckhead.  Alisha’s birthday and Ryan’s birthday are only a day apart and we always make an annual trip to Maggianos – and this year was no exception.

In the afternoon I had tried to get all of the guys together for a good game of football.  We had about 10 people that were in but most of them backed out due to a little rain.  Four of us showed up and we said “screw it, lets play”.  We played for a while just as a QB and one receiver taking turns trying to make it into the end zone.  It was fun on its own, kept us active, and made for a good time.  We were soaked, but it was still so worth it.  Afterwards, we headed over to Taco Mac for a quick beer and then headed home to get ready for dinner later in the evening.

We made plans to leave little Preston with Alisha’s mom and head out with friends.  Bobby and Courtney came over to our house and we headed out to Buckhead to meet up with Mike, Aubree, Ryan and Andrea.  We had an excellent dinner and had a great time.  It was very nice to see everyone again and as always the food was spot on.